Pre-K Newsletter March 2017

We welcome Cheyenne as our co-teacher in the Pre-K class.

This month we study farms, crops and gardens in March with play and learning in the classroom reflecting the theme through books, dramatic play, science, math and various other activities. If your family has any experiences, stories, family routines or seasonal traditions that support these themes, we would enjoy hearing about them through visits, pictures, food, books or song.

Thursday March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’s Birthday. We are celebrating “Read Across America” with a day of reading many of his books. If you have one, please send a Seuss Book (with your name on the inside cover) and a stuffed friend for our many reading times.

Please see our March Calendar for the many other activities that we have planned.

We enjoy the joy and enthusiasm that your children bring to our lives and into the classroom each day.

Taylor, Cheyenne and Alice

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