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Our Mission

Our child-centered curriculum combines teacher-guided activities with ample time for free choice, socialization and play.

We meet each child at his or her developmental level and provide a stimulating, creative and discovery-oriented environment where learning is achieved through play.

Garden Preschool is non-denominational and supported as a ministry of the First United Methodist Church. We are located behind the church at 305 E. Anapamu with access through the parking lot off Garden Street.


Play-based Learning

Our curriculum allows learning to emerge naturally by encouraging the children’s natural curiosity and desire to learn. We promote independence and cooperative learning by guiding children’s interactions with the classroom environment, their peers, and their teachers.



Garden Program Goals and Values

  • To develop child centered learning
  • To foster creativity
  • To promote kindergarten readiness
  • To provide security
  • To impart respect
  • To build community
  • To encourage growth
  • To take responsibility
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Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm


305 E Anapamu St Santa Barbara, CA 93101


Park on the side in the United Methodist parking lot

Words from our Parents

“Garden Preschool has been an excellent environment for our son. We have had the pleasure of watching him thrive socially as well as academically since he started two years ago. Our son loves the outdoor classroom, offering such a fun and engaging experience. The quality of care provided by the preschool staff has surpassed our expectations. We are forever grateful to Heidi and her teachers for their support, encouragement and understanding.”

Marissa Rodriguez

“Garden Preschool is hands down the best in town. I am currently sending kid number 4 through their program. Not to brag, but my kids are the kids that go to people’s homes and people say ‘wow, they are so polite and respectful’. I owe this all to Garden Preschool and their amazing staff!”

Elayne Blessing

“Our experience at Garden Preschool has been nothing short of amazing. To join this school means to join a community. The school organized gatherings for the families to connect (pre-COVID) and provided virtual education during COVID. Their COVID response has been stellar and we feel safe sending our son to school.The teachers at Garden Preschool are organized, well educated and clearly love their jobs & classes. They organize daily activities that foster inclusive, intellectual, and emotional growth. Every teacher we have worked with has been committed, loving, and genuinely interested in the well-being of our child. In the years we have been at Garden Preschool, we have watched our son learn and grow in incredible ways.We are so fortunate to have found our way to this wonderful group of teachers and families. We recommend Garden Preschool to all of our friends, and we will continue to do so.”

Natascha Cohen

“Our experience at Garden Preschool has been second to none. On top of a very attentive staff, both of our children have had the privilege of being in a progressive environment that places high value on understanding emotions as well as helping others. We could not have asked for a better place for our children to be.”

Shawn Potter

“Our twin girls have been at Garden Preschool since April 2019 (they were 2.5 years old), about a year and 9 months. In this time they’ve transitioned from the little’s room to the 4 year old classroom. They’ve been loved, nurtured, potty trained!, educated and cared for fully and completely by all of the teachers and staff, whom they love and miss when they’re away from school. We love the outdoor classroom, and the thoughtful curriculum, as well as the special attention that’s paid to the children’s emotional development. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you do and all that you give.”

Alisa Hyam

“Garden Preschool has been another “home” for both of my kids over the last 5 years. The cozy environment is incredibly friendly and loving, and my kids have always felt safe and cared for. The classes are enriched with education but also with tons of nature, music, and art where the kids thrive beyond words! My family could not be more comfortable and grateful for the team at Garden Preschool all of these years and especially during the Covid Era. Any child (and parent!) would be so fortunate to attend :)”

Fisher Family